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Time to enter to the end of 2013, project development and investment department localities, the deadline of December 31, 2013, the company in August 2013 began respectively started construction is located in the western region of Xinjiang, Gansu, eight terrestrial photovoltaic power plant a total of 220 MW project all the smooth realization of the grid connected power; prior to December 20, investment company the largest single project - Romanian UCEA 55MW power plant project successful implementation grid and obtain the examination and approval of the subsidies of local power regulation issued by the Department of commercial operation certificate and six green certificates /1000KWH.



2014 SNEC trip to a successful end

May 2014 20 - 22, SNEC international solar industry and photovoltaic engineering (Shanghai) exhibition and forum in Shanghai New International Expo Center was held, the Sea run photovoltaic debut W5 hall 355 booth. This exhibition is the largest exhibition of solar energy industry in China, focusing on solar photovoltaic engineering and innovative technology, attracting more than 1 thousand and 800 exhibitors, professional visitors to visit more than 150 thousand people.


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